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Cameron Noble
Cameron Noble, originally from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, moved to Prince Rupert in 1983 with his parents. Dodge Cove on Digby Island has been his home for the past nine years and we hope he never moves away, for he is an interesting person, always willing to extend a helping hand, a quality to be treasured in any isolated community.
A few years ago Cameron began producing alder and willow furniture, after winning a willow chair in a raffle. Once he perfected his construction techniques, which, like most, are more involved than one might think at first sight, he increased the scope of production by producing ceramic-alder tables. Soon thereafter Cameron formed his one-man company, the 'Alder-Dash Wood Co' and since then Cameron can often be found in the woods on Digby Island, rain or shine, gathering his crop of raw materials, just the right calliper stems and branches of willow and alder trees.
His rustic furniture would give any verandah or sun room that country charm look, bringing to mind fresh hot apple pie, Mom and woodburning kitchen stoves. We find his prices very reasonable and trust that you will, too.

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