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An Arts Guild in Dodge Cove without Ron Anderson is as unthinkable as a tree without roots. Ron has been guilty of painting whales, dolphins and other marine life for so long that I'm sure he communicates with them, especially the Orcas. He sure has a feeling for their essence, their very soul, it seems. I suppose his life as a fisherman has helped in that regard. At any event, his affinity for these wonderful, mysterious animals comes through loud and clear in his portrayals of them.

Ron is an artist through and through, he truly walks the walk.

Ron Anderson

Like the old masters, he uses tools and painting materials that happen to be available, rather than feeling the need to run to the nearest art supply store and his foundations rarely are canvas ones, as he prefers to paint on marine objects or driftwood. He has several "studios", his favourite being a few square meters of beach on nearby Casey Cove under a large tarp, where he finds his inspiration, regardless of the weather. It's kind of an island tradition that each home here sports one of his Orcas, perhaps as wind chimes or just plain decoration. Tourists from many areas of Canada as well as from quite a few other countries have taken one of his Orcas home with them.

A bit of a recluse, Ron is known for his good humour and down-to-earth, honest kindness. An asset to the Guild!

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